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Accessories 6000/6500/6100


Accessories for Honeywell

These products are available for 

 Dolphin  Terminal600065006100





Articles desired

Cradles/ Charging - Power Cords/ Power Supplies 
6000-HB-2   Dolphin 6000 HomeBase  Single bay charging cradle with USB and serial (RS-232) ports for communications and auxiliary battery well for charging an extra battery.  
6000-HB-3   Dolphin 6000 HomeBase     

Dolphin 6000 Mobile Charge Cable kit.

Includes 12V vehicle charging adapter and terminal cup.  

Cable COMMS and CHARGE - EU For Dolphin 6000

Dolphin 6000 USB Communications & Charging cable kit with snap on terminal connector cup, power supply.  

Cable COMMS and CHARGE - UK For the Dolphin 6000 

6500-HB   HomeBase - Single slot cradle, RS232/USB Spare Battery Charging slot  
6500-EHB   HomeBase - Single slot cradle, Ethernet, RS232/USB  Spare Battery Charging slot  
6000-QC-2   Dolphin 6x00 Quad Charger 4 slot battery bay - charges standard and extended capacity battery  
300001330   Dolphin 61x00 wall power supply for direct charging, HomeBase, or eBase 

Prong to be purchased separately.

6100-EHB    Dolphin 6100 eBase™ Includes charging cradle with Ethernet, USB/RS232 communication. Power supply comes with terminal.  
6100-HB    Dolphin 6100 HomeBase™

Includes charging cradle with USB/RS232 communication. Power supply comes with terminal

Cables- Keyboard
300001380 Cable, USB A to USB Mini    

6500 I/O Sync Cable - USB


Cable, RS-232 Length: 6.0 ft. (1.8m)


Dolphin 6100 I/O interface cable, USB

Cable RS232 For Dolphin 6100 & Zebra QL220
300000712E   STK Dolphin 6000 & 7600 screen protectors (6 pack).    
6000-HOLSTER    STD Dolphin 6000 carrying holster with integrated belt clip and spare battery pouch.    
6000-LANYARD    STD Dolphin 6000 Wrist Lanyard     
6000-STYLUS3    STD Dolphin 6000 Stylus and Tether kit (3-pack)     
MSDM-8GB    STD 8 GB Micro-SD Memory Card    
300001441   Screen protector (pack of 10)    
300001440   Handstrap Kit    
300001320   Stylus (pack of 10)    
6500 Handle Handle for 6500    
100007381K   SD Card, Extended Storage/2GB    
100007380K   SD Card, Extended Storage/4GB    
300001350   Handstrap kit    
300001321   Screen protector (pack of 10)    
100007163K   SD Card, Extended Storage/4GB    

SD Card, Extended Storage/2GB

6000-BATT   STD Dolphin 6000 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack     

Battery door for DOLPHIN 6000

200003690K   Battery door, 3300 mAh battery for 6500    
6000-BTEC   Extended Capacity battery, 3300 mAh, spare for 6x00    

3300 mAh Battery kit (Battery and door) for 6500

6000-BTSC   Standard battery, spare for 6x00    

Extended Capacity Battery kit (battery and door)

6100-BTSC   Standard Battery kit (battery and door)    

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