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Accessories HX2


Accessories for LXE

These products are available for: 

Terminal HX2





Articles desired

Cradles/ Charging - Power Cords/ Power Supplies - Snap-On
HX2A311CHGR6WW6 slot battery charger/analyzer with universal power supply. Power cord ordered seperately  
8610A901SRSLASERSR laser ring scanner for armband (short cable), SE955I - Keyed  
8620901RINGSCR2D Imager ring for armband (short cable), SE4400 - Keyed  
Cables/ Keyboars
HX2001CABLEUSB ActiveSync Cable (Type A directly to HX2)  
9000090CABLEAC Power Cable, C14 type, Schuko (EUROPEAN)  
9000091CABLEAC Power Cable, C14 type, Denmark 3-pin  
9000092CABLEAC Power Cable, C14 type, Italy 3-pin  
9000093CABLEAC Power Cable, C14 type, Switzerland 3-pin  
9000094CABLEAC Power Cable, C14 type, British 3-Blade  
HX2A431ARMBANDArmband, strap kit and underpad  
WAV700CLIENTMNTFactory 1 Year TE Maintenance Wavelink  
WAV701CLIENTMNTFactory 3 Year TE Maintenance Wavelink  
HX2A301BATTSTDSpare standard Lithium battery  

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