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  1. Suprema Bioentry-Plus

    From: £379.19

    BioEntry Plus exquisitely blends the benefits of an IP access control system with the added security provided bycbiometrics. It is the base of Suprema’s IP fingerprintcproduct line and a good indoor solution to any systemcrequiring fingerprint technology. Learn More
  2. Suprema Biolite-Net

    From: £494.65

    BioLite Net is a compact IP fingerprint terminal that has been designed to fit on a mullion mount. BioLite Net’s IP65 rating for protection against dust and water makes it suitable for both indoor & outdoor use and its simple user interface allows for quick and easy access to the device. It is ideal for applications that require basic user interaction in a variety of installation environments. Learn More
  3. Suprema Facestation

    From: £1,031.95

    FaceStation perfectly combines beauty and performance. By providing contactless authentication at near real-time matching speeds, FaceStation offers unmatched user convenience and enhanced security synonymous withbiometrics. It is ideal for applications that require convenient & secure authentication and can be used in either standalone or network environments. Learn More
  4. Suprema Biostar-2

    From: £409.37

    BioStar 2 sets the new standard in security. The powerful biometric access control framework provides system integrators the ability to easily integrate with 3rd party systems and allows software developers to build new applications and functions into BioStar 2. Accessibility to BioStar 2 and its APIs is further extended through cloud services Learn More
  5. Suprema Xpass-S2

    From: £244.72

    Xpass S2 effortlessly combines key features of a traditional access control system in an ultra slim form factor and is a cornerstone in Suprema’s distributed IP access control system. Xpass S2 is designed to withstand a wider temperature range and can read multiple smartcard technologies making it an ideal product for harsh weather environments. Learn More
  6. Suprema Biostation-A2

    From: £1,082.71

    Suprema BioStation A2 is the most advanced fingerprint access control and time attendance terminal featuring Suprema’s next generation biometric technology and security platform. BioStation A2 provides class-leading performance through the World’s best matching performance, uncompromised security and accuracy along with top-notch usability. Learn More
  7. Suprema Biomini

    From: £99.49

    Our latest range of high performance fingerprint scanners are supported by powerful software development kit (SDK) which features Suprema's award-winning algorithm that ranked 1st in FVC and NIST MINEX tests. Suprema Authentication Scanners offers unrivaled versatile platform for development to leading security companies, system integrators and hardware manufacturers. Learn More
  8. Suprema Biolite-Solo

    From: £328.02

    BioLite Solo is powered by Suprema’s renowned fingerprint algorithm that has been recognized multiple times by both FVC and NIST MINEX as the best algorithm in the world. The device delivers fast matching speed and rapid responses while providing an exceptional low error rate. The powerful DSP of the device is capable of handling large amounts of data required for fast and accurate verification while ensuring uninterrupted device operations. Learn More
  9. Suprema Biostation-2

    From: £828.95

    BioStation 2 incorporates the latest Suprema technology in a beautiful exterior. It combines a new powerful processor, Suprema’s next generation optical sensor and improved fingerprint sensing & capturing algorithm to offer unrivaled performance. BioStation 2 provides users with instant authentication and rapid data transfer to manage high volume data with ease. It is ideal for applications that require versatility without compromise in style and performance. Learn More
  10. Suprema X-Station

    From: £468.41

    X-Station is a formidable device that combines a vast array of components into a slim form factor. X-Station’s 3.5” touchscreen LCD provides the perfect interface to an intuitive UI and its camera, speaker and microphone allow for advanced features such as Face Detection and Videophone capabilities. It is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of applications. Learn More
  11. Suprema Biostation-L2

    From: £604.86

    Suprema BioStation L2 is an essential fingerprint terminal that provides comprehensive access control and time attendance features based on Suprema’s next generation biometric technology and security platform. Designed for all type of time-attendance applications, BioStation L2 provides exceptional value by combining World’s best Suprema fingerprint algorithm, high performance and enhanced security features. Learn More
  12. Suprema Realpass-V

    From: £1,946.18

    Fast & accurate passport processing is the key requirement for seamless operation at immigration checks. RealPass-V offers unrivalled performance for high-volume processing with automatic document detection, single-step reading, tunable RFID antenna and easy lay-on type scanning. The device processes optical and graphic data from data page, and reads RF chip with ICAO standard security protocols. Learn More
  13. Suprema Bioentry-W2

    From: £528.77

    Suprema BioEntry W2 is a rugged fingerprint access control device featuring Suprema’s next generation biometric technology and security platform. BioEntry W2 provides class-leading performance and security by featuring Suprema’s latest fingerprint algorithm coupled by powerful quad-core CPU and LFD(live finger detection) technology. The device also provides added flexibility in system design featuring multi-card support with dual-frequency RFID technology. Packed in a rugged IP67/IK08 housing with sleek metal finish, BioEntry W2 is a perfect access control solution for tough environment and outdoor installation. Learn More

13 Item(s)

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