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Buy handheld computers with Logiscenter

Welcome to the Logiscenter Handheld Computers Supply! If you are thinking of buying a handheld computer but have not yet decided which type or brand is right for you Logiscenter offers you the possibility to buy a handheld computer from the most renown manufacturers in the market. We offer the best brands of handheld computers such as Zebra, Honewywell, Datalogic. Our handheld computers devices offer solutions for all types of industry. We guarantee that all our handheld computers have the highest quality and latest technical developments.

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Why buy handheld computers with Logiscenter?

Buying handheld computer with Logiscenter couldn't be easier. We have a team of experts who can advise you at every step of your purchase. Handheld devices have become an important part of every business and even in everyday life with the common use of Smartphones. From inventory traceability to technical support in the field, mobile terminals can increase the efficiency and productivity of any business.

Types of Logiscenter handheld computers: PDA

Ask our experts about the most practical handheld mobile computer on the market: PDA. The PDA type terminals are perfect for workers who are out of office, because they have all the functional possibilities of a PDA but are more resistant. They also have other options such as GPS, touch screen or mobile terminal (ideal for technical services, delivery companies).

Types of Logiscenter handheld computers: Industrial terminal

If you are looking for a more powerful type of mobile terminal then you should think about an industrial terminal. They are specially designed for use in industry and logistics. The industrial terminals are extremely resistant devices, contain a large number of keypad configurations and different options to configure their keys and make their use more intuitive.

Ask our technical team about the wide range of handheld mobile PDA and industrial terminals we offer.

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