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Code CR4405 Barcode Scanner

Cost-effectively and quickly convert your iPhone 5/5s into a mobile barcode reading solution.
  • Code: CODE-CR4405-SCANNERS Manufacturer: Code
  • From: £469.22 Ships today * We ship the same day for purchases confirmed before 14.30. Contact our team for special cases
  • Code CR4400-K100-PKXXX

    Code CR4405 Scanners CR4400 kit incl battery SE Sled Code Reader Kit - CR4400 (iPhone SE Sled, Light Gray, Palm), Ba...
    In Stock
    £567.76 VAT incl.
  • Code CR4405-PKC1K

    CR4405 LT GRY CHRG STA USB CBL AP UK PS CR4405, Light Gray, Battery, Charging Station, USB Cable, 2 Amp UK Power Sup...
    Available in one week (or more)
    £973.81 VAT incl.

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