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Datalogic DLR-TL RFID

The DLR-TL001 logger is a low cost, semi-passive UHF logger tag used to monitor temperature sensitive products such as perishable foods and pharmaceuticals during transportation and storage. The combination of the high resolution sensor, the large memory size and the standard RFID interface allows perishable items to be effectively tracked and traced during transportation and delivery.
  • Code: DLR-TL Manufacturer: Datalogic
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  • Datalogic DLR-TL001

    Datalogic DLR-TL001, 12 pcs. Temperature logger, 12 pcs., UHF, 860-928 MHz, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, 4000 samples...
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    £299.38 VAT incl.
  • Datalogic DLR-PR001-K1-EU

    Pr001 Rfid Portal Reader 4Antenna Kit Datalogic offers multiple RFID readers in different form factors developed to ...
    In Stock
    £1,513.71 VAT incl.

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