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How to buy.

Your purchases should be safe and speedy, that’s why we offer different safe payment methods:

1. Online

Your order will be processed with just a few clicks :


  • Enter the number of items you require in the field "Qty." and click on "add to basket".
  • The products have been added, if you wish to add more products click "continue shopping"; if you have finished, click on "make your order".
  • Now simply choose a payment method and “confirm your order".


2. Telephone orders

Simply call 020 3318 8265 and one or our representatives will be ready to assist you and take note of your order.

3. Fax orders

Order by Fax: use 020 3318 8265 indicating the model and number of products you require.  As soon as our team confirms the order, it will be shipped.


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