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LABELMATE Heavy Duty Label Rewinder

Put LABELMATE CAT-3 / CAT-3-TA Label Rewinders to work for you today and enjoy a new dimension in label rewinding convenience and reliability. Custom colours, badging, and special core holders are available for private label applications.
  • Code: CAT Manufacturer: Labelmate
  • From: £398.92 Ships today * We ship the same day for purchases confirmed before 14.30. Contact our team for special cases
  • Labelmate LMD005

    Labelmate LD-100-U Labelmate LD-100-U, Label dispenser, max. label width: 115 mm, label length: 10/20 to 150 mm, spe...
    In Stock
    £482.69 VAT incl.
  • Labelmate LMR005

    Labelmate CAT-3-ACH Labelmate CAT-3-STANDARD, Industry Standard Heavy-duty label rewinder, core holder: 25 to 101 mm...
    In Stock
    £522.64 VAT incl.

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