Barcode Readers Zebra LS3408ER/FZ

Barcode Readers Zebra LS3408ER/FZ

Barcode Readers > Handheld Readers > Zebra LS3408ER/FZ
Classification: Barcode Readers > Industrial Scanners > Zebra LS3408
  • Code: LS3408 Manufacturer: Zebra
  • From: £281.49
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    This product is currently discontinued - it has been replaced by Zebra MOD-3600 - Zebra 3600 Series

  • Zebra LS3408-ER20005R Zebra LS3408, 1D, ER, multi-IF, black, yellow handheld scanner, 1D, laser, extended range, multi-interface (RS232, K...
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    £369.86 VAT incl.
  • Zebra LS3408-FZAK0800ZR LS3408-FZ 20FT Coiled KYbrd wedge cable (discontinuted) Scanner Industrial FUZZYLogic...
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