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What is a barcode?

Most common barcodes

Most of the professionals in the industries that use bar codes not only know them but could recognize them with the naked eye. Here we review the main types of bar codes.

Of course there are many types of bar codes, and each of these codes is designed to fulfill a specific function. In your company, some of them are more common than others, but it is very interesting to review them all. We will list the main types of bar codes.


This is the type of bar code that is used in products that are scanned from a cash register. The UPC symbols have a fixed length (as you can see when viewing them) and are of obligatory use in sectors such as retail or food. In fact it is practically not used in other activities.

Because it allows you to include the 12 digits of a warehouse item in a relatively compact space, it was developed primarily to meet the needs of the warehouse retail industry.

Code 39

Some industries needed to code both letters and numbers in a bar code. This is how code 39 is born, without doubt the most popular and used barcode symbology, being in fact the standard barcode in industries that do not have to do with food. In contrast, the Code 39 produces relatively long bar codes which is a disadvantage in certain cases where the label bearing the bar code must have a limited length.

Code 128

Given the need to have a wider selection of characters than the code 39 in a more compact space, code 128 emerges. It is a symbology used especially in the transport industry.

Interlaced 2 de 5

Also widely used in the transportation industry, this bar code symbology is very compact and can be found in corrugated boxes inside which the products are sent to stores or warehouses.


This type of barcode symbology is used exclusively by the United States postal service and uses postal codes in the mailing process for immediate delivery.


This type of bar code is known as 2D or 2D bar code. It is a high density symbology that reminds one a little crossword. The difference between this type of bar code and the previous ones is that the type PDF417 is a portable data file. Used for official documentation in some countries, in a very small space in this code it is possible to encode a person's name, the photo of his face and even a series of reference data.

Of course day by day and as the needs of the industry vary, new symbologies can appear. But these are the main symbologies of bar codes in use today and virtually all bar codes can be classified into any of these types.

What is a barcode?

The Barcode consists of bars and spaces that contain information encoded in the bars and spaces of the symbol. By combining letters or numbers you can identify a product.

The bar code retains data that can be gathered in it quickly and accurately. Barcodes represent a simple and easy method for encoding text information that can be read by optical devices, which send that information to a computer as if the information had been typed.

What color should the code carry?

The optimal combination for symbol reading is the black color for the code bars and the white color for the background. You can use another color combination, but you need to make sure that both colors are compatible and have enough contrast.

Free barcode generator

CodabarEAN-13 / ISBNCode 39Interleaved 2 of 5EAN-8QR

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