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Rugged Tablets Zebra

6 Aug 2020 15:22:29

Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets have become a fundamental tool in industrial and public sectors thanks to the high performance, durability and resistance that allow them to perform diverse tasks quickly and safely, optimizing time and reducing errors for any worker in any environment.

From managing a warehouse to supporting technicians in the field, rugged tablets allow you to be more efficient and productive. Tablets dramatically increase the speed, accuracy and number of tasks that can be completed in a day's work and allow synchronization of the information collected with all company systems. At Logiscenter, for more than 10 years, we have been concerned with offering the latest and best product news and that is why we present you the robust Zebra range.

The robust range of Zebra tablets is designed to meet the main requirements of each customer. In Zebra's quest to offer the latest technology, they are launching the new, revamped range of Robust L10 tablets, comprising o...

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Posted in News By Michael Richmond
Datalogic launches new Memor 20

At Logiscenter we have been working and distributing Datalogic products for more than 10 years and we are one of their main partners at European level.

Datalogic launches the new version of its popular Memor model. The Memor 20, a mobile terminal that replaces the Memor 10, has been specially designed for companies looking for mobility solutions for their operators with terminals that offer robustness, power and performance in a smartphone format device.

The Memor 20 offers a user-friendly experience and an interface that the user is accustomed to when equipped with Android. And will be the largest industrial PDA with a touch screen on the market, maximizing the application interaction interface. The large screen size does not prevent the Memor 20 from having a compact, robust and modern format.

This new version of Memor comes equipped with a powerful Qualcomm processor, efficient battery management, dual SIM and GPS location and extensive connectivity opti...

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Posted in News By Michael Richmond

Choosing the right PDA

11 Jun 2020 09:43:19

Choosing the right PDA

Mobile terminals have become a fundamental tool for many companies today, especially within specific areas in certain businesses by improving productivity. Because they allow multiple tasks to be performed quickly and accurately, optimizing time and reducing errors.

From warehouse management to technical support, mobile terminals can improve operations in any business by increasing efficiency, productivity and allowing scalability. In other words, with the right PDA we can achieve significant increases in speed, accuracy and the number of tasks that can be completed in a working day.

The real challenge is actually finding the right terminal as there is a wide range available and it can be confusing to understand what the differences are between some devices.

Selecting the PDA that best suits your business needs is critical to reaping the full benefits.

  • What are you going to use the terminal for? Inventory, product tracking, field operations?
  • ...
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Posted in News By Michael Richmond
Choosing the right barcode printer

Thermal printers allow efficient and economical generation of high quality labels, stickers, wristbands, receipts and tickets.

Compared to other printing technologies, thermal printers require less maintenance and print faster while maintaining excellent print quality.

Because this type of printer is different from laser or inkjet printers, it can be complex to determine which one is best suited to your business.

The first step in finding the right printer is to identify your specific needs:

  • Where will the printer be used? -Is it an industrial environment or a particularly harsh one?
  • What do you want to print? -Labels, receipts, wristbands or tickets?
  • What volume of printing is estimated and how fast will it be printed?
  • Will the printer be in a fixed or mobile application?

Being able to determine as accurately as possible how the printer will be used will help decide the type, printing method and other features it will...

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Posted in News By Michael Richmond
Choosing the right barcode reader

Barcode scanners are indispensable tools in many businesses and their use has become simpler than ever. Gone are the days when complex systems had to be implemented with decoder boxes and cables everywhere. Today's barcode scanners are plugged in and ready to use.

While operation has become easier, there are now more options and varieties of readers. Choosing the right one can be a challenge without understanding the various types and options on the market. The first step in finding the right scanner is to identify your specific needs.

Knowing how the scanner will be used will help you decide what type of scanner you will need, with what form factor, and what other options you will need. Understanding each of these factors will help you find the right scanner for your requirements.

In the following article, you will review the different types of barcode readers by technology, form factor, level of ruggedness and, one of the main features, wireless vs. wired...

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Posted in Barcodes By Michael Richmond
Disinfect devices to avoid contamination

If handwashing is one of the main measures to prevent infection, disinfecting devices is almost as important, especially for those that are shared among workers throughout their shifts.

Disinfection of computer equipment such as computers, PDAs, scanners, readers or printers is essential in the work environment.

Following the spread of COVID-19 we have received several inquiries from customers about how they could disinfect their devices in order to minimize the risk of infection to their team members. Workers who share and are in direct contact with devices that are essential for the performance of their duties, either in hospitals, factories, warehouses, logistics chains, etc..

At Logiscenter, we know that devices are a key part of any business that seeks to optimize its efficiency, so here we explain how to disinfect them and reduce the risk of contamination of bacteria, viruses or other pathogens.

Although the main manufacturers produce manuals for ...

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Posted in News By Michael Richmond
Windows ends support for its mobile PDA operating sytems.

As of January 2020, Windows will no longer provide support for Embedded Handheld 6.5 and CE 7.0 operating systems, leaving those devices that have them installed without updates and security patches. This is forcing most professional PDA manufacturers to migrate their devices to the Android operating system.

The main reason for migrating and replacing old Windows devices with Android is to avoid the vulnerabilities that an outdated operating system can cause in the entire IT infrastructure of the company.

Failure to update will result in security patches being missed, exposing the entire business to external cyber or malware attacks.

To address this issue and minimize the risk to companies currently using these devices, leading mobility hardware manufacturers have begun installing Android as the operating system on all their new models.

Android is a widespread operating system used in personal mobile phones and therefore offers workers a more familiar...

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Posted in News By Michael Richmond
Are you still signing with pen and paper? Incorporate e-signature technology into your business. Save both time and the environment!

Signatures, in their antiquity have endured over time with its main function of identifying and proving the authenticity of the document and the signee. Despite all the technological advancements we have witnessed up till now, we still continue to sign countless documents with pen and paper.

Is this necessary? At Logiscenter we aim to equip companies with the technology that allows to digitize the capture of data in their business, optimizing processes, reducing errors and improving decision making and efficiency. With the electronic signature, you can securely and automatically re-sign documents avoiding unnecessary print jobs.

Furhtermore, electronic signatures can be more secure than handwritten ones, thanks to the pads and their biometric technology which can identify data such as the pressure or speed of writing and inclination at the time of signing. Thanks to the pads we can sign all kinds of files digitally (Word documents, PDF, etc.). The PDF format ...

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Posted in News By Michael Richmond
Differences between 1D and 2D barcode readers

The barcode reader is a technological device, which decodes a specific symbolism composed of bars and a white background that through the laser manages to read the binary system and transmit it to a computer as a traditional format.

The first reader was released in 1964 and since then it has become essential for any business, as it is a tool which allows you to perform daily tasks such as receiving goods, inventory, tracking and shipping products on large or small scale. This technology allows you to reduce human errors and automate part of the management process. There is a wide variety of readers, and a the primary distinction would be their reading abilities, split into two main groups: 1D readers and 2D readers.

1D readers unidirectionally read the distance between each of the elements of the linear bar code from left to right and decode it to our operating system in order to identify the product. The amount of information is usually limited to 20-25 chara...

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Posted in Barcodes By Michael Richmond
New product range at Logiscenter: ProGlove readers

For over 10 years Logiscenter has ensured that the latest and greatest products in the industry are included in our product catalogue. For this reason, we are starting 2020 by incorporating the innovative German manufacturer ProGlove into our product range.

Founded just 5 years ago, ProGlove is a resounding success story, focused on a clear objective: To create the smallest and most versatile / wearable handheld reader on the market, thus enabling workers to scan comfortably with their hands completely free, in a number of working environments.

With a design headquarters and factory in Munich, their success began closely linked to the automotive sector (BMW, Audi & Volkswagen are all heavy users of ProGlove products). However, they have now expanded into other sectors, including several large firms such as IKEA & Bosch. Today more that 300 thousand workers use their scanners daily.

At Logiscenter, we are ProGlove's golden partner, placing us as one of the leading partners in Europe, with direct access to the manufacturer and obtaining the best prices, stock, delivery times, maintenance and repair services.

We present you the fine range of products, already available in our web page. The 3 scanner models available present different reading capacities and battery life based on the same ideology: A significantly smaller and lighter device that weighs just 40 grams and allows total freedom of movement.

Mark Basic

Starts in the world of hands-free scanning. It is a portable scanner perfect for the logistics industry and an average workload.It reads 1D and 2D codes at shorter distances (10-80cm), with an 8-hour battery life.

Mark 2 standard range

Designed for advanced work. With this new range of scanners, you will be able to achieve maximum productivity in all production environments.

Experience the advantages of the standard range, made specifically for the production environment with a range of up to 80 cm. Connectivity for tablets, smartphones and terminals via Bluetooth. Also adapted for a high frequency scanning environment. Up to 16 hours of battery life and DPM barcode reading.

Mark 2 mid range

An increased scanning distance of up to 150cm with a battery life of up to 16 continuous hours of work.

Choose your scanner model and your type of glove or give us a call and we will advise you on the version that best suits your needs.

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Posted in News By Michael Richmond

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