Up to 70% Increase in Barcode Technology in Warehouses by 2020

Preparing for the future of warehousing

Warehouse executives state that their lead investments and initiatives will include increasing the use of barcode scanning and tablets, and providing staff with new technology in order to accomodate their plans to increase the inventory and shipping volume over the coming years.

  • Equipping staff with technology: Executives have big plans to provide their staffs with technology that increases visibility and automation across warehouse processes, from inventory validation and order picking to packing and loading.
  • Barcode scanners: Warehouse executives plan to expand the use of barcode scanning by 70 percent by 2020. That expansion is driven by the marketplace’s increasing demand for greater efficiency, automation and speed in the handling of inbound and outbound inventory.
  • Tablet Computers: For inventory validation, warehouses will upgrade from p...
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