Are you looking to attract customers in an easy, fun and efficient way? If so, Elo’s Digital Signage Displays are the perfect choice for you. Elo Touch Interactive Digital Signage is the reason behind the retailer’s success. Touchscreens have become a major influence on digital signage displays lately, which has found its way to retail. Through interactive digital displays, business owners can increase their chances of attracting more customers and provide better services. When you think of all these factors, it makes sense to embrace interactive digital displays to contain a competitive advantage and ensure a more fun, engaging, and memorable buying experience for your customers.

One of the perks of Interactive Digital Signage is that it offers a more intimate and personalized experience to the customer. This way, customers feel engaged and appreciated and are most likely to come back. With Interactive Digital Signage, you can easily promote loyalty programs, discounts, and new products through interactive screens with attractive graphics. Get to know Elo's line of interactive digital signage with a wide range of touch screens sizing from 10" to 70". Not only are they ideal for retail, but also industry’s such as corporate environments, hotels, restaurants, and others.

Choosing the exact display suited to your company only takes a few simple steps to configure your interactive display. Follow the steps below to set up you’re Elo Interactive Digital Signage.

Step 1. Choose the screen size and the operating system integrated into small screens or discrete modules such as the Elo Android Backpack

Elo Interactive Digital Signage
Digital Interactive Displays
Digital Interactive Displays

Step 2.Set it up with Elo’s stands and brackets

Desktop Stands

Desktop Stands

Stands for kioks and Shops

Stands for kiosks and Shops

Wall mount brackets

Mount brackets

Step 3. Set up Elo Edge Connect

Elo Edge Connect
  • Possibility to add accessories on all four sides of the screen (Standard models)
  • Customize the settings according to your needs and required solution
  • It can be changed at any time
  • (Elo accessories available such as bar-code scanner, magnetic stripe reader (MSR), payment devices, NFC, camera, status lights (green/red), and more)

Step 4. Connect & Control with EloView®

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EloView Center of Command

EloView Center of Command

EloView Center of Command

In Place

EloView Center of Command