"Tablets can essentially bring your website in-store"

The pressure is high for old-school retailers to create an in-store customer experience that can compete with the growing attraction of online shopping from the comfort of home. The key to triumphing is to create high-tech customer experiences by engaging customers with services or products, while shopping which in turn provides in-store shoppers with the benefits of online shopping. There are several creative ways to integrate technology into the in-store shopping experience, but one of the most cost-effective and versatile solutions is the tablet point of sale (POS).

1. Display Interactive Technology

Ideally having tablets placed at eye-level with information on products and services can prove to be very attractive – this can also be seen as a new way to visually advertise products in a digital format. Interactive or instructional videos blend the appeal of online and in-store shopping. Games and polls can create a fun environment that engages buyers, encouraging them to spend more time in store and improving foot traffic. Augmented reality and social media can also be integrated with in-store systems. Dressing rooms can quickly become photo booths with the option for shoppers to share their finds on social media. For example, some stores are going so far as to implement tablet-equipped dressing rooms where people can adjust the lighting and music for a totally personalised customer experience.

2. Self- Service Touch screens

Tablets can essentially bring your website in-store. You can truly enhance the customer experience by allowing shoppers to browse online while at your physical location. With these “endless aisle” solutions, customers can see products or variations of products that you might not be able to display on-site. They can browse your entire inventory with a few taps on the touchscreen — and place orders to be delivered directly to their homes. Self-service kiosks also allow customers to manage their enrolment in loyalty programs, and to browse virtual catalogues that can better depict and inspire product use.

3. Beating the Queue

Waiting in long lines can be a major detriment to the in-store customer experience. Research from the Omnico Group shows that Americans will abandon a checkout line after eight minutes of waiting in line. You can be ready to create additional registers on the fly by enabling staff to check-out customers with a tablet. Tablet POS can also be used as self-checkout kiosks, speeding up the process. The moral of the story is that physical stores aren’t going anywhere, but they need to adapt with the modern times, offering tech solutions that blend the online experience customers crave with the traditional brick-and-mortar establishment. Tablets are an effective and simple way to integrate these changes and create the utmost customer experience. In conclusion, POS Tablets are fundamental to a company’s .

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