How Zebra's Labels and Ribbons will help Maintain your Printers Efficiency
How Zebra's Labels and Ribbons will help Maintain your Printers Efficiency

In order to increase productivity, you need a productive printer, in order to maintain operational efficiency, you need high quality Labels and Ribbons. Believe it or not, printing supplies can impact everything from the printhead lifespan to the printer’s operational efficiency. Thus choosing the best Labels and Ribbons is crucial for your business. We know that, when it’s time to choose ribbons and labels, you’re never stuck for options. However, finding those that can provide benefits, Zebra Technologies is the answer. Using Zebra ribbons and Labels can dramatically increase the life of the printhead, giving you quality printing results for longer. However, the benefits to your business go further than just improved printing:

  • Downtime is reduced due to long printhead life, so printers stay in service for longer.
  • Time and costs associated with reprinting due to poor print quality are reduced greatly.
  • Reduced costs due to the need for fewer replacement printheads and service charges.
  • Lower total cost of ownership compared to a Zebra printer using non-Zebra supplies.

  • Types of Zebra Labels:

    The Z-Perform Series are standard, bright white, smooth, uncoated paper. Ideal for printing barcode labels and tags for indoor use. The Z-Perform series provides superior labeling options for both thermal transfer and direct thermal applications.

  • Z-Perform 1000D Direct Thermal Barcode Labels
  • Z-Perform 2000D Direct Thermal Barcode Labels
  • Z-Perform 2000T Direct Thermal Barcode Labels

  • The Z-Ultimate series are gloss polyester facestock that provides unparalleled smear and scratch resistance, resistance to moderate chemicals and up to 3 years outdoors. Available in thermal transfer in white, silver and clear. Offering includes standard, high-tack and removable adhesives.

  • Z-Ultimate 2000T Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels
  • Z-Ultimate 3000T Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels
  • Z-Ultimate 4000T Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels

  • The Z-Select series are premium, bright white, ultra smooth paper facestock specially coated to provide optimal performance. Available in direct thermal and thermal transfer.

  • Z-Select 4000D Direct Thermal Barcode Labels
  • Z-Select 4000T Thermal Transfer Barcode Labels

  • The Z-Band Wristbands Series cover the gamut of styles and types to fit any application need. From durable long-life wristbands to low cost disposable options, the Z-Band series provides high quality results to meet any requirement.

  • Z-Band Direct Wristbands
  • Z-Band Ultra Soft Wristbands
  • Z-Band Fun Wristbands
  • Z-Band Splash Wristbands

  • The Zebra line of ribbons has set the industry standard of ribbon performance with durability and proven results. These ribbons have been used in the development of all Zebra printers. Zebra offer 3 different thermal formualtions – wax ribbons /wax/resin ribbons and resin ribbons. When you choose Zebra ribbons you can be sure that you are choosing ribbons well sought-after ribbons around the world.