Companies are turning to touch screen - Zebra’s TC52 and TC57 are the answer
Companies are turning to touch screen

Today, the sum of companies that are turning to touch computers and smartphone-style devices for mobile data capture and workflows is tripling. Zebra’s TC52 and TC57 are two of the newest and most in-demand solutions for making the change.

Unlike traditional industrial handheld mobile computers, Zebra’s smartphone-style TC52 and TC57 enterprise touch computers are compact, lightweight devices. They replace bulky keypads and out-of-date operating systems and interfaces with cutting edge technology and touch screen simplicity. Workers can use these devices just like their personal smartphones and tablets, which gives instant familiarity and easy use.
With Zebra’s TC52 and TC57 you get the ultimate user experience – Firstly, you have the simplicity of Android, with all the business features workers need to maximise productivity and minimise process cycle times. They offer flexible, a multi-touch operation that works even when the screen is wet, or your workers are using a gloved finger or a stylus. They’re also designed with high brightness screen technology, so workers can read screens indoors or outdoors, even in bright sunlight.

Some of the highlighted features include:
Easily capture it all – barcodes, labels and document - Advanced scanning technology allows for fast capturing of printed and electronic 1D and 2D barcodes. This device also includes far and near range scanning, which means you’ll never need to align your device with the barcode.

A platform to handle all your apps – Both devices contain a built-in processor which provides superior performance on all apps.

Android for instant familiarity – you can easily eliminate training time and adoption curves with an already familiar software, Android.

Ultra-high-resolution videos and photos– With a 13MP rear camera, these devices are ideal for proof of condition/delivery/service.

Rugged Device – Although these touchscreens look like smartphones, they are not the same. These devices are designed for enterprises that work within extreme temperatures and harsh environments. They can be dropped in water, in the snow, used in dusty areas. The glass touch panel also contains maximum scratch-resistance, so, you’re guaranteed constant protection.

The primary difference between the two models is that the TC52 is a Wi-Fi-only device, whereas the TC57 uses both Wi-Fi and 5G WWAN mobile broadband.

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