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Novexx XTP 804 Label Printer

The XTP 804 is designed for high quality printing of single tags, tickets and blister cards based on the NOVEXX Solutions 64-series print module. Equipped with a high performance thermal direct/thermal transfer printer with 4’’ print width the XTP 804 is the perfect solution to meet today’s high standards of product identification with single tags.
  • Code: XTP-804 Manufacturer: Novexx
  • From: £1,197.00 Free Shipment * FREE shipping for orders over £500 Available in one week (or more)
  • Novexx N100209

    XTP 804 /4Ë pneumatic version XTP 804 printer for single tags/tickets. Print width 4"/106,6 mm. Includes pneum...
    Available in one week (or more)
  • Novexx N100212

    Electronic vertical stacker For vertical stacking of tags/tickets after printing...
    Available in one week (or more)

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