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Printronix T6000 Label Printer

The Powerful T6000 represents the next generation industrial, 
high-performance thermal barcode printer. Setting new benchmarks for speed, print quality, validation and reliability, the T6000 is engineered with the singular mission of increasing true productivity and lowering compliance fees. Loaded with advanced features, validation technology, RFID capabilities and the most comprehensive em   »View more
  • Code: T6000 Manufacturer: Printronix
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  • Printronix T62X6-2102-00

    T6206 TT 6 203dpi RWD PEEL EU STD"
    In Stock
    £2,338.29 VAT incl.
  • Printronix T62X4-2115-00

    T6204 TT 4 203dpi HVY DT CT/WLAN EU STD" The Powerful T6000 represents the next generation industrial, high-performa...
    Available in one week (or more)
    £1,920.43 VAT incl.
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    • Thermal Transfer -> Use (ink) Ribbons, are more durable.
    • Direct thermal -> Do not require (ink) Ribbons, are less durable, can darken when exposed to sunlight.
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