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BRICKYARD Impinj Brickyard Reader Antenna
FAR-FIELD Impinj Far Field Reader Antenna
GUARDWALL Impinj Guardwall Reader Antenna
MATCHBOX Impinj Matchbox Reader Antenna
MINI-GUARDRAIL Impinj Mini-Guardrail Reader Antenna
REVOLUTION Impinj Speedway Revolution
THRESHOLD Impinj Threshold Reader Antenna
xARRAY Impinj xArray Gateway
XPORTAL Impinj Speedway xPortal
Xspan Impinj Xspan Gateway
Impinj IPJ-A0303-000 Reader Antenna Mini-Guardrail
IPJ-A0311-EU1 Impinj Antenna Threshold ETSI
Impinj IPJ-A0311-USA Reader Antenna Threshold (FCC)
Impinj IPJ-A0400-EU1 ReaderAntennaBrickyard(ETSI)29
Impinj IPJ-A0400-USA ReaderAntennaBrickyard(ETSI)29
Impinj IPJ-A0402-EU1 ReaderAntenna Guardwall(ETSI)7
Impinj IPJ-A0402-USA Guardwall (FCC) (70x40x10cm)
IPJ-A0404-000 Antena Impinj MatchBox
IPJ-A1000-EU1 Antena Impinj Far Field LHP
Impinj IPJ-A1000-USA ReaderAntenna FarFieldLHP(FCC)
IPJ-A1001-EU1 Antena Impinj Far Field RHP
Impinj IPJ-A1001-USA ReaderAntenna FarFieldRHP(FCC)
Impinj IPJ-A1100-EU1 Slim Outdoor Antenna ETSI
Impinj IPJ-A1100-USA Slim Outdoor Antenna FCC
Impinj IPJ-A1200-EU1 Compact Outdoor Antenna ETSI
Impinj IPJ-A1200-USA Compact Outdoor Antenna USA
IPJ-A2002-000 Impinj Power Supply
Impinj IPJ-A2003-000 AC Power Supply Level VI w/o cable for USA, FCC, GX1, GX2, GX3 and JP2
Impinj IPJ-A2051-ARG AC Power Cord (Argentina)
Impinj IPJ-A2051-AUS AC Power Cord (Australia, New
Impinj IPJ-A2051-BRA AC Power Cord (Brazil)
Impinj IPJ-A2051-CHN Reader Accessories AC Power Co
IPJ-A2051-EU1 Impinj AC Power Cord (ETSI)
Impinj IPJ-A2051-JPN AC Power Cord (Japan)
Impinj IPJ-A2051-RSA AC Power Cord (South Africa)
Impinj IPJ-A2051-UK1 Reader Accessories AC Power Co
IPJ-A2051-USA Impinj AC Power Cord (USA)
Impinj IPJ-A3002-000 Reader Antenna RF Cable R-TNC
IPJ-A3004-000 Impinj cable R-TNC to SMA 4m
IPJ-A3008-000 Impinj cable R-TNC to SMA 8m
Impinj IPJ-A3112-000 SMA TO R-TNC CABLE 2.14M
Impinj IPJ-A3114-000 SMA TO R-TNC CABLE 4.57M
Impinj IPJ-A3122-000 SMA TO SMA 2.14M CABLE
Impinj IPJ-A3124-000 SMA TO SMA 4.57M CABLE
IPJ-A4000-000 Impinj Speedway Reader Console Cable (DB9 to RJ45)
IPJ-A5000-000 Impinj GPIO Box
Impinj IPJ-A6001-000 Speedway Antenna Hub(supports
Impinj IPJ-A6051-000 GPIO adapter for Speedway Ante
Impinj IPJ-A6120-000 Speedway Reader R120 Port Pack
IPJ-A680-000 Impinj Gateway Suspended
Impinj IPJ-DREV420-EU1 Speedway Revolution R420 Evalu
Impinj IPJ-DREV420-GX1 Speedway R420 Evaluation Kit (
Impinj IPJ-DREV420-GX2 Speedway R420 Evaluation Kit (
Impinj IPJ-DREV420-USA Speedway Revolution R420 Evalu
Impinj IPJ-HH1128-EU TSL 1128 (ETSI)
Impinj IPJ-HH1128-US TSL 1128 (FCC)
Impinj IPJ-IS-GATEWAY ItemSense Gateway License (Per
Impinj IPJ-IS-SERVER ItemSense Base Software Charge
Impinj IPJ-IS-SPEEDWAY ItemSense Speedway Reader Lice
Impinj IPJ-REV-R120-EU12M1 Speedway R120 (ETSI) without p
Impinj IPJ-REV-R120-GX22M1 Speedway R120 (GX2) without p
Impinj IPJ-REV-R120-USA2M1 Speedway R120 (FCC) without p
Impinj IPJ-REV-R220-EU12M1 Speedway R220 2-port (ETSI)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R220-GX12M1 Speedway 2-port (GX1)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R220-GX22M1 Speedway 2-port (GX2)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R220-USA2M1 Speedway 2-port (FCC)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R420-EU12M1 Speedway R420 4-port (ETSI)
IPJ-REV-R420-EU22M1 Impinj Speedway 4-Port fixed r
Impinj IPJ-REV-R420-GX12M1 Speedway 4-port (GX1)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R420-GX22M1 Speedway 4-port (GX2)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R420-GX32M1 Speedway R420 (GX3)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R420-JP22M1 Speedway 4-port (Japan)
Impinj IPJ-REV-R420-USA2M1 Speedway 4-port (FCC)
IPJ-REV-R640-EU12M1 Impinj Speedway xPortal ETSI
Impinj IPJ-REV-R640-FCC2M1 xPortal FCC
Impinj IPJ-REV-R640-GX2 xPortal GX2
IPJ-REV-R660-EU11M1 Impinj xSpan (ETSI)
IPJ-REV-R660-EU21M1 Impinj xSpan gateway
Impinj IPJ-REV-R660-GX11M1 xSpan GX1
Impinj IPJ-REV-R660-USA1M1 xSpan FCC
IPJ-REV-R680-EU11M1 Impinj xArray (ETSI)
IPJ-REV-R680-GX11M1 Impinj xArray (GX1)
IPJ-REV-R680-GX21M1 Impinj xArray (GX2)
IPJ-REV-R680-GX31M1 Impinj xArray (GX3)
IPJ-REV-R680-JP21M1 Impinj xArray (JP2)
IPJ-REV-R680-USA1M1 Impinj xArray (FCC)
IPJ-REV-R680EU21M1 Impinj xArray gateway
IPJ-S4001 Speedway Connect Soft Impinj

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