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Premium Partner SATO

Logiscenter has been named a “Golden Prestige Partner” by SATO.

The Japanese manufacturer, SATO, widely recognised as a company that focuses on data collection and label solutions, acknowledged our company as a high-level partner as a result of Logiscenter’s true dedication and professionalism within the European market over the past 10 years.

The SATO Prestige partnership is based on three levels of participation that reflects performance, resources and integration of AIDC solutions and rewards participants who clearly demonstrate high degrees of interest and dedication to the partnership with SATO. Golden Prestige Partner is a level of partnership given to those partners who have demonstrated skill development, expertise in AIDC systems, and dedication to expanding the SATO product portfolio.

About Logiscenter:

Logiscenter has been the leading vendor of barcode products and solutions , mobile computing, point-of-sale and RFID in Europe since 2009 and is now expanding to the USA. We have earned our reputation as a high value supplier in the automatic identification and data capture industry. We provide, integrate and support both asset identification and asset control solutions. These solutions enable our customers to capture and manage data from their products, people and transactions to improve productivity, deliver a better customer experience and achieve better results.

Logiscenter has thousands of clients, including many large corporations, as well as a solid team with years of experience in the industry, and our expansion has just begun!

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