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Uber Eats Printer

Logiscenter has made a strategic alliance with Uber Eats and Star Micronics to offer you the best preconfigured printers so you just have to take it out of the box and start using it.
Star Micronics printers can be connected quickly and easily to your tablet via Bluetooth . These printers have an auto-connect function that automitcally establish connectivity when tablet goes in and out of range.

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Star Micronics TSP143IIIBI Printer Features

  • Direct thermal printing
  • Resolution: 203 dpi
  • Paper Width: 80mm/58mm
  • Print speed: 250mm / second
  • Internal power supply
  • Autocutter included
  • AUTOCONNECT Function
  • 4 year warranty

How the Uber Eats Printer Works


1. Load paper

The thermal paper used by the printer is 3 ⅛ "wide

Push the cover open lever, and open the printer cover by pulling back on the cover once unlatched.


If the printer does not have a roll in it, load a new roll and make sure the orientation of the paper is correct according to the following diagram

Be sure to also remove a portion of the paper to make sure the paper is loaded correctly.

Push both sides of the cover to close it

2. Pairing the printer via Bluetooth


Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the iPad

To pair the printer with the iPad, you need to get behind the printer to access the PAIR button. Press and hold the PAIR button for about 5 seconds, and you should see the LED light start blinking green.

On the iPad, look for the printer in the Bluetooth Devices list. The name is: "Star Micronics". Tap the name and the iPad must match.


3. Printing orders

To enable receipt printing, simply go to the Configuration section of your UberEATS control panel and click the Enabled option

If you need more information about Uber eats printers, contact one of our specialists here
You can consult the technical information of the printer in this link.
For more information on UberEats and to download the application check here.

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